lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

KindergartenWorks: rectangle, triangle, circle, square

KindergartenWorks: rectangle, triangle, circle, square: Working on shapes? Last quarter I really focused with my kinders on identifying 2D shapes. In addition to really working on the teens and composing/decomposing 11-19, this quarter we are really hitting the idea of describing shapes. Here is a freebie book, game and bingo cards that I made for use with my guided math groups.

These ideas help meet the Common Core Standards:
  • K.G.4.a Describe two-dimensional shapes to identify their various attributes, including vertices, sides, corners, and length of sides.
  • K.G.5.a Draw shapes to represent objects in the world.
    I found a way to incorporate some of my favorite youtube videos as well into our guided math zones. Here are some of the favorite videos on describing and naming 2D shapes.


    And here are two of my new favorite math interactive online games:
    Five Ten Frames Flash Cards
    Seeing Numbers in Ten Frames

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