sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

El próximo experimento de Science que realizaré en clase :)


We are goint to use CD cases! In this class, they've we used potting soil to plant their beans.
Day One:
Watering the bean:
Watching it grow!
Measuring its growth:
Recording observations:
Labeling the parts of the plant:
  • The hinges of the CD case should be at the top. That way you can stand them up and dirt won’t fall out. Also this leaves a nice hole at the top for watering the plants with droppers.
  • Plant your bean high in the soil. If you plant it toward the bottom the roots will grow out the bottom!
  • Tape the bottom shut. This will keep roots from growing out the bottom, and curious fingers from opening the case.
  • Use masking tape and permanent markers to label whose plant is whose.
  • Around day 5 or so I untaped the cases overnight so that they could have a little bit of space to grow. I taped them back in the morning. By day 7 or so, you will be ready to label your plants. We used paint pens.
  • Plant your bean with the concave side down. It should resemble the letter “n,” not the letter “u.” I didn’t tell my kids this. I just let them discover it… which was a nice learning experience. Just depends on which way you’d rather teach it.
Fuente: the green classroom

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