domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Feliz día de la Madre :) Unas bonitas flores hechas con papel y nuestras manitas


Para celebrar este día maravilloso en el que todos recordamos la importancia de nuestra mamá, una manualidad sencilla y llena de color.

Handprint Lilies

Age 5+ can do this project pretty much solo (you may want to help them form cones from the handprints, depending on how crafty they are).  Any age from baby on up can contribute handprints for the project.


  • construction paper  (green for leaves and a flower color)
  • straw
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • scotch tape
  • OPTIONAL:  pipecleaner

  • Instructions:

    • trace child's hand onto a piece of construction paper, rounding out the palm
    • cut out the handprint
    • roll the palm into a cone and tape.  Don't worry about the hole being too small, we can snip it open a bit if needed.
    • Cut pipecleaner into 1/4s. 
    • Fold into a V shape
    • Push V into end of straw and put a piece of tape around.
    • Curl a bit.
    • Put end of straw into flower and push through so the pipecleaner is inside the flower.
    • Wrap each finger around a pencil to curl.
    • Cut a long leaf shape out of green construction paper and tape onto the straw.  Curl the leaf like you did the fingers.
    • We put two leaves on each stem.
    • An odd number of flowers always seem to look nicer in a vase.

    Fuente: DLTK

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