lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Un acuario con material reciclado: y los peces durarán para siempre!!!

Siempre es agradable tener una mascota en clase, pero no siempre es fácil de mantener y los niños lo pasan mal cuando algún pequeño animalito nos deja, como es natural... Por eso nos parece tan interesante la idea de un acuario reciclado con el que los pequeños puedan disfrutar sin riesgos. Os dejo el texto y las fotos originales de madebyjoel.
I really like using boxes we get in the mail for other things before recycling them, so I made this small aquarium toy. Instead of taping the fish to the top of the box, I decided to make it more interactive by cutting slits in the top and tying buttons to the threads. This way the fish can be moved around like puppets. It’s actually really beautiful to watch. When you slide the buttons, the fish spin and dance, creating a happy swimming effect. It’s a great recyclable toy. You could leave the back and sides of the box attached. I just wanted to create a space that was open and light. It would be fun to paint the inside of the box too though. Try it out!

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